My iPhone wouldn’t charge, and I was afraid I would have to spend another $600 for a new phone. I found Phone Repair Anaheim through the Internet and called them. They had a service man in a van drive to my residence, and he fixed my phone on the spot. He replaced the charging port in the van. He did a full-service check as well and guaranteed the new Lightning port for a full year. For any phone work I need, I will call Phone Repair Anaheim. They saved me a lot of money and had my phone repaired quicker than if I had gone to buy a new one.” -Tina Selane

    My camera started acting up on my cell phone. First, it was so dark that I could hardly see an image, then nothing but back. Who needs a picture that is entirely black. I called Phone Repair Anaheim and the sent a service van to my door. He managed to repair my LG Phone on premises. He had brought all the parts he needed to my location. Not only did he repair my LG, but he gave me a written warranty for a full year. From now on, Phone Repair Anaheim will do all my family’s phone repair.” – Kyle Love

    I heard about Phone Repair Anaheim from a coworker, and since I had two phones that were no longer working and collecting dust in a drawer, I decided to take them in for an estimate. I had already written them off as unusable, but why not have them checked was my thought. The technician Bob said, “these are both repairable.” The first needed a battery replacement, but the iPhone was more complicated than the cell phone. The iPhone had to have a new hard drive. He replaced the battery on one and the hard disk on the other from parts in stock. Phone Repair Anaheim is a gold mine in disguise, they will do all my phone work from now on.” -Tim Datsun

    My cell phone screen shattered after dropping it on the pavement. I called Phone Repair Anaheim and explained that I work every day, and I don’t have a vehicle for transportation. When he saw that there wasn’t a good time for a home appointment, He had me mail the phone into the shop for a repair by mail. I insured the package with my Samsung with the shattered screen wrapped in it. My phone came back in the mail within three days with a new display. With a turn around like that, they are going to be adding clientele.”- Steve Adams

    I took my iPod in for water damage repair after accidentally leaving it in the rain. Phone Repair Anaheim asked me to leave it for two weeks while they attempted to repair the damage. There was no guarantee because they didn’t know at that point the extent of the damage. All I knew is that I couldn’t plug it in without sparking occurring. I hoped that I hadn’t caused irreparable damage to this, my favorite toy. I returned in two weeks to find my machine in perfect working order. The repair was reasonable. I will continue to bring my business to Phone Repair Anaheim. “-Jeremy Bachman